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Our Business Practices

We helps organizations plan, evaluate, grow, and achieve their objectives
Business Expansion

Our business expansion practice helps SMB’s solve the unfavorable cash position, bad credit and/or strict funding requirements necessary to bridge the funding gap and move their organization to the next level.

Business Growth

Our business growth practice helps SMB’s who are stagnant or declining move towards a sustainable growth trajectory.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence practice for SMB’s includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.

Business Planning

Our business planning practice helps SMB’s to create conceptual, bank-focused or investor-focus business plans that will help them either get their business of the ground or provide their existing business the evidence their investors require to approve funding.

Business Succession

Our business succession practice helps SMB’s identify and develop internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions within the company. Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

Business Systems

Our business systems practice helps SMB’s evaluate their choices at each stage in the process of creating and delivering products/services. Using the correct enterprise system (SFA, CRM, ERP, POS, SCM) allows leaders to have the correct intelligence to make decisions that drive value into the organization.

Business Turnaround

Our business turnaround practice helps SMB’s to complete a “deep-dive” and “gap analysis” of their business issues and then drives the organization forward through increased revenue, improved profitability, improved cash flow, improved valuation, optimized costs and overall increased efficiency.

Business Valuation

Our business valuation practice helps SMB’s to improve the economic value of the owner(s) interest in their business. By determining the current value of the organization and determining the valuation goal the organization can create steps leading towards an overall improved valuation.

About US

A team of leaders focused on transforming and creating organizational excellence
The business of excellence in action

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." —John Quincy Adams. Navigos is a team of leaders dedicated to the acceleration of strategic thinking, alignment and action towards improved business results by cultivating the leadership potential of individuals and organizations. Founded exclusively on leadership acumen, research and education, Navigos helps clients achieve the optimal organizational configuration by engaging in strategic thinking and leadership behavior. By incorporating strategic foresight skills, simulation models and systems analysis, Navigos helps organizations advance their anticipatory skills to elevate their decision-making capacity. Navigos serves a wide variety of industries with a comprehensive array of business tools, leadership solutions, coaching and consulting services.


    PQ-i 360, Professionalism Judgment Scenarios Analysis (PJSA), Professionalism Potential Portfolio (PPP), Virtues in Action


    PIERS Coaching Program, Team Coaching, Train-the-Trainer


    Anticipatory Leadership, Crowd-Solving, Leadership Formation, Professionalism Development


    Continuous Educational Development, Professionalism Prism

Our Team

Navigos - Leadership Team
Dr. Richard M. Pfohl
Dr. Richard M. Pfohl
Founder and President
Global visionary executive with an applied doctorate in Strategic Leadership (D.S.L.), a major in Strategic Foresight, and an emphasis in Global Strategy. Anticipatory thought leader uniquely skilled at driving organizational fluidity by assessing, aligning, and applying global forces intentionally toward a preferred future utilizing and anticipatory mindset.
Dr. Barry A. Doublestein
Dr. Barry A. Doublestein
VP, Foresight & Innovation Solutions
Pioneering visionary medical education executive with an applied Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL), a major in Creativity & Innovation with an emphasis in Strategic Healthcare Innovation. Demonstrated expertise in pre- and post-graduate medical education, professionalism development, and government affairs. Leadership professional attuned to the ever-changing needs of medicine.
VP, Anticipatory Leadership Solutions


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